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At the crossroads of Europe and Africa, of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, Tangier opens the door onto Morocco.

There is still an air of mystery about the city going back to the time when Tangier was an international zone.

Since Its foundation, Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, Arabs Spaniards, Portuguese and English have jealously fought for the right to control it.

On Other African city is close to Europe, and no other orient is more dearly loved by European & Americans Artists.

Delacroix, Matisse, Tennessee Williams, Jean Genet , Joseph Kessel , Williams Burroughs , and Paul Bowles to name but few , have all lived in Tangier and been captivated by its spell.


The city of Marrakech is one of the historical and traditional cities of Morocco, which has the privilege of being an imperial city, a title that was disputed above all by the other city that was its great rival, which is the city of Fez.

But, Marrakech has another privilege, which the other imperial cities have not been able to have and that is to have given its name to the country, Morocco, which was previously known as “the kingdom of Marrakech”.

Marrakech also has the privilege of having been the capital of a great empire, this prestige that it has achieved with these Berber Kingdoms, that of the Almoravids, 11th century and that of the “Almohads” 12th and 12th centuries, who reigned between the centuries XII;

The latter, who had come to control a very large empire, which extended from the confines of the desert in the south, had reached the Ebro river to the north; and from the Atlantic coast in the west, they reached Tunisia towards the east.